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A Dr Gekicher Halloween by dlpeattie
A Dr Gekicher Halloween
Happy Halloween everyone! Here we have Dr. Gekicher having some wicked tickle fun in a dungeon themed play room with his foxy friend Mikhael, and it seems that the doctor installed something too keep his Fox friend from getting too excited, and like a good thriller, everything with suspense must be built up. Heh heh

This collaboration was made by an artist who chooses to remain anonymous. The artist is a friend of Fuwwyfootpaws:… whom he worked with on the picture. 

Dr. Gekicher is owned by Me.

Mikhael is owned by fuwwyfootpaws:…
Leomon's Ticklish Charity Tryout by dlpeattie
Leomon's Ticklish Charity Tryout
Hi everyone, I've got a new Leomon tickle picture and this time he's taking a break from all the crazy torturous, ticklish mis adventures and gets involved with a charity during a festival, that involves tickles of course. :-)

A while back, This picture was made by StalkerWerewolf:… who did a few foot/tickle themed pictures but unfortunately has disabled his account. Thankfully he did give me permission to post this picture on my gallery.

Leomon and Elecmon is owned by Bandai.

  It was a bright sunny day in the digital world as Leomon walked through the vast field. By this time the Digidestained had gone home and the digital world was safe. He then came across a sign promoting a local festival that was being made in honor of the Digidestained. Leomon smiled and decided to pay a visit.

It turned out that he can a bit early to the fair as everyone was getting ready. He then came across a digimon he knew.

Leomon: "Hello Elecmon."

Elecmon: "Well Leomon! Good to see you. It's been a while.

Leomon: "I see your getting involved with the celebration fair. How are the children doing?"

Elecmon: "Good, and speaking of them, I'm doing a charity for the nursery and I need a big guy to help with it. Care to help out?

Leomon: "Of course, I'd love to help out."

Elecmon: "Great! If you'll follow me."

  Elecmon then lead Leomon back behind the tent and showed the charity equipment, which consisted of a large pair of stocks and a feather wheel! The beast warrior gave a surprised look at the tickle equipment.

Leomon: "Elecmon, what exactly is this?"

Elecmon: "Well I did say I needed a big guy, mainly big feet for these stocks. Heh heh, So Leomon are you ticklish?"

Leomon: "I-I ah, well I supp-ah I'm not sure."

Leomon stuttered a sweat a little bit, remembering all those previous tickle torture sessions before.

(Note: From the other Leomon tickle pictures in my gallery.)

Elecmon: "He he, not the kind of charity you were expecting? Well why don't you have a seat and we will find out."

Leomon slowly sat down on the bench and placed his big feet in the stocks, which Elecmon restrained them in.

Elecmon: "Okay let's see how ticklish you are."

Election then scratched his claw up and down his right foot, immediately making it flinch. Elecmon then began to scratch faster and harder and Leomon let out a loud chortle.

Elecmon: "Heh, looks like you are ticklish. Now let's do both feet."

The small digimon then used both his hands to tickle both of Leomons big feet. Leomon was now giving out big heartily laughs as Electmon tickled up and down his large soles.

Elecmon: "Wow, your feet are really ticklish! I suppose I'd better take it easy on you, that is if your still up for the challenge?"

Leomon pondered for a bit as he rubbed his feet together.

Leomon: "I suppose it's still okay with me, I think I can take it."

Elecmon: "All right, I always knew you'd have the best stamina. Now let's try the feather wheel. It's what I'll use during the charity show."

Elecmon then sat the feather wheel in front of Leomons feet and began to slowly turn it. Leomon' s feet twitched and his toes wiggled. Leomon gave a slight smile as the feathers brushed his soles.

Elecmon:" I'm going to see how much you can take. Now try your best to hold your laughter in."

Elecmon then began to turn the wheel faster as Leomon's feet struggled more and tried his best to hold his laughter in. Elecmon began to turn it faster and faster, Leomon was now gritting his teeth and clenching the bench with his claws. Finally Leomon let out a burst of laughter and Elecmon stopped the wheel.

Elecmon:"Wow, nice job. You lasted for a good while for a really ticklish guy."

Elecmon released Leomon from the stocks as Leomon caught his breath.

Leomon:"Huff Huff, yes I'm a little surprised myself. But I believe I can do better with some concentration practice. I'm be sure to be back in time for the charity."

Leomon began to leave as Elecmon began preparing for the show.

Elecmon:" Good idea, cause it's going to be 2 hours for 200 digidollars."

Leomon stopped suddenly and gave a nervous look.

Leomon:" (sigh), I must make every second of my practice count."
The Origins of Hans: A Ticklish Beginning by dlpeattie
The Origins of Hans: A Ticklish Beginning
Hello everyone! This collaboration with me and reddawn:… marks the long awaited return of Hans the German Rottweiler super soldier who first appeared in one of my very first commission pictures, and I felt like I needed to bring him back finally.

You can see his first appearance in this beautifully made tickle picture:…

Anyhow, for this new scenario that he's in, I've decided to redo his story, where he was just a random tickle victim of Dr. Gekicher, and make it a superhero origin plot.

In this version, he is a German soldier who is captured by a defunct German Communist Party, turned into a muscular Super soldier, with him being the first in a line of other Super Soldiers to take over Germany. It all goes well except for one problem, the super serum makes him ultra ticklish. Not wanting any weakness, they set him in a VR device and run various tickle torture scenarios in order to try bringing down his sensitivity and to weaken his will be for his mental brainwashing. Can Hans endure this virtual reality torture or will he be lost to the will of these ambitious tyrants? We shall find out.

Artwork is by reddawn:… and he has given me permission to post it on my gallery.

Hans belongs to me.

"Hans Stromburg," the Colonel said as he read the case file.

"Born Berlin, Germany. Entered army at age 22, highly dedicated to serving the Fatherland. Well once we have control, he'll have the honor of serving Germany at our side for a very long time."

The Colonel watched behind a one way mirror as Hans struggled in VR machine. "Let me go! I won't ever work for you monsters!" Yelled Hans as his massive limbs pulled at the restraints.

"Once you finally manage to withstand that pesky sensitivity, you'll be more then happy to serve in my super soldier army." The Colonel replied through a microphone.

"Yeah, as a mindless thug! Be lucky that it works, because I will take you all down if it doesn't!"

"Do it!" Ordered the Colonel, as the scientists began the VR programs.

Program 1: Medieval Torture Chamber

"Gah!?" Where am I!?" Hans was suddenly in an old medieval torture room, strapped to a x-frame, and with four feather wheels at his sides and feet.

As the wheels turned, tickling his feet and sides, he tried to laugh, but he felt like he had a ball gag in his mouth. "MMMMMMMMRRRRRRRRRMMMMPPPPPHHHH!" "HRRRRRRMMMMMPPPPHHHHH!" Hans struggled against the simulated reality but there was no escape. The program continued while in the real world mechanical appendages and mini bots were tickling his side's and feet, simulating the feather brushes.

Program 2: Condemned Building

Hans then finds himself in a new location where he's tied to a pole in a derelict, rotting building. Suddenly all sorts of bugs be an creeping out from all directions, and began crawling all over his ticklish body. "HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" NO! GET OFF! HE HE HE HE! HA HA HA HA!"

Program 3: Tentacle Room

Once again, Hans was suddenly whisked away to a new torturous scenario, but this time he wasn't restrained, but was trapped in a stone room. Feeling around the walls looking for an exit, tentacles suddenly nursed out of the cracks and seams of the stones and attacked Hans. Quickly stepping backwards, some tentacles on the floor wrapped around his ankles and brought him down on his back. Tightly constricting all over his body, the tentacles proceeded to tickle all over his half naked body. "HEH HEH HEH HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW! NO! PLEASE LET ME GO! SOMEONE HELP! HA HA HA HA HA HA! GAHHHH! NOT MY TOHOHOHOHOES! HA HA HA HA!" Howled Hans as the tentacles danced their tendrils all over his muscular body.

Program 4: Snake Grove

"Ah, no, where am I now!" Said Hans as he looked around his new location, once again unbound. He seemed to be in the middle of a Amazon jungle. It wasn't long before he met his new tormentors when he felt something on his foot. The ground was covered with constricting snakes! The angry hissing snakes wasted no time wrapping out the 7 foot super soldier in their coils, bringing him down to the ground. Like with the tentacles, the snakes mercilessly tickle molested the poor soldier to tears with their tails and tongues probing his deep armpits, thick sides and belly and his big tender feet. "NO PLEASE NOHOHOHOHO! NOT AGAIN! HA HA HA HA HA! I CAN'T STAND IT! HAW HAW HAW HAW! STOP PLEASE! HA HA HA HA!"

Program 5: The Dog House

Ending almost as soon as it began, Hans suddenly found himself in a new location. This time he was locked in a chair stock device with his upper body restrained by straps and his big feet in stocks. All was dark in the surrounding area, with a bright spot light shining above him. Something then began walking into the light, it was a feral dog! Soon three others walked into the light and began padding towards the super soldiers big feet. "NO! NOOOOO! NOT THAT! PLEASE NOOOOOOO! HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW!" Hans futility protested as one of the dogs began licking the sole of his right foot and soon the three others began licking too. "PLEASE GOD NOHOHOHOHOHO! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! NO! STOP LICKING MY FEET! HA HA HA HA HA HA! I CAN'T STAND IT! HA HA HA HA! ITS TOO MUCH!" Hans laughed hysterically as the VR machine perfectly simulated the rough dog tongues on his feet. "HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW (pant pant) HAW HAW!" I CAN'T.......TAKE.....MUCH MORE! HAW.......HAW.....HAW.........HA HA ha ha ha...ha.......ha..........."

Completely exhausted by the cruel merciless tickle simulator, Hans falls unconscious, giving some brief peace against the wicked machine.

"Blast it!" yelled the Colonel. "Until we find the cure for this damned sensitivity our super soldier project is ruined!"

"Please don't worry sir. We just need to run some more tests, we can't just reject this one so easily." Replied one of the scientists.

"Of course I'm not giving up on this one, not yet anyways! Check his vitals and continue the research, I want that sensitivity eliminated now!" Yelled the Colonel as he walked out of the room.

Sitting down the VR machine, one of the scientists headed down to where Hans was being held. Opening the glass hatch and removing of of the restraints on his wrists, he checked his pulse.

Suddenly, Hans sprang awake from his unconsciousness and grabbed the scientist. "Thanks Doc!" Said Hans as he threw him several feet across the room. Quickly removing the restraints and the VR head set, Hans got out of the machine and observed his surroundings. It sounded like the other scientist or guard personnel haven't spot him yet, he had to make his escape plan quick.

Hans saw a pipe on one of the walls that was a gas mane. Breaking it open and holding his breath, Hans finds a emergency axe on the wall. After getting shelter behind some objects Hans threw the axe in the direction of the gas pipe. The sparks from the axe scraping against the open crack causes massive explosion that causes the facility to go into emergency evacuation, opening all the doors.

Not wasting any time, Hans rushes through the corridors, desperately searching for a possible exit. Finding some stairs that leads to a hatched marked Emergency Exit, Hans rip opens the hatch and emerges out side.

Looking at his surroundings, he sees that the facility was a secret one that was hidden underneath an old oil refinery. Just then, a huge explosion erupts from the refinery thanks to the explosion caused by him. Hans continued to run like the wind in the opposite direction.

After several hours, Hans finally made it back to civilization, with his hometown Berlin in the distance. Impressed with his new super soldier form, Hans then made a vow. "I will not let my homeland fall to the hands of tyrants and criminals, any who dare to endanger my country and those that I love, will answer to me!"

Original picture:…
Beast's Muscle Buffer Workout Remake by dlpeattie
Beast's Muscle Buffer Workout Remake
Hello everyone! Recently :iconlannad: did this great remake of one of my old Hank McCoy/Beast tickle pictures where he gets tickled in a machine disguised as a workout machine:… but included a few extra tickle tools for his upper body. I'd like to thank her for this nice gift art and I hope you all enjoy. :-)

Artwork and extra tickle tool ideas are by :iconlannad:

Beast is owned by Marvel.

Note: This is the same story from the original pictures submission page, but with a few updates that include the extra tickle tools on his upper body.

After looking up an ad in the paper of a male only, workout gym that exclusively accepts mutants of great physical strength. Hank was both suspicious as well as fascinated with such a exercise gym, and decided to enlist himself there and see what it was like. As he got there, Hank kept a close eye on his surroundings, always prepared for any traps or surprises due to the tension that was still between humans and mutants. When he got to the main room, he was astounded as the great amount of various high-class workout machines featured in the large room. He felt like trying out something simple first, so he went with one of the Leg-lifters that were against the wall. He saw that there was no weights visible, but remembered that in the ad that the machines were high in technology and could read the exact amount of time before the user was to get tired. As he got on the chair, he noticed that there were two cushion rollers on the leg extension, basically design to firmly hold the ankles. He then attached the cushion rollers to his ankles, that held them in a firm but comfortable grip. Hank then proceeded to lift his legs, he felt a great amount of weight as he exercised, but for him, it was just a moderate challenge. He was capable of getting up to 100 lifts before he started to get tired. When he finally finished, he had a powerful feeling in his legs, which felt like his legs and feet were becoming sensitive. 

Before he could get off, the leg extension suddenly locked itself in place. Beast tried to move his legs, but could only wiggle his feet around as the cushion rollers firmly held his legs. Beast was just about to let go of the holders at the sides of the chair, but suddenly two chains with leather straps shot out of holes in the floor and quickly restrained his wrists, the straps then locked into the sides of the chair. The Beast tried to pull on the restraints but the cushion rollers and the straps felt like they were steel restraints. As his upper body struggles, two other leather straps came out of the sides of the chair and strapped in his muscular biceps, pulling him back on the chair. He looked down to see another leather strap wrapping around his waist, and then another wrapping around his large chest. Finally, another chain and strap came down from the ceiling and restrained his neck, and strapped into the head of the chair like the wrist straps. Hank tried with all his might to free himself but all he could do was twitch his feet and head around. Just then, a hole in the floor opened up just below his feet and two mechanical appendages came out that had two spinning fuzzy rollers attached to them. Then he felt something between his arms and sides, two other fuzzy rollers and two scrub brushes were coming into contact with his armpits and sides! As Beast noticed them, he realized of what was going to happen and was over come with fear. 

The two foot rollers then started slowly up his heels, spinning at a medium-slow pace, Beast started to put on a toothy grin as he giggles and snorted at the ticklish feeling on his feet. The rollers then started going up his soles, as the Beast's giggles turned into moderate laughter as the rollers came up to the balls of his feet, and finally up to his toes. The armpit rollers began spinning at a similar speed as the rollers swirled in between his pits, plus the side scrubbers brushed against his sensitive muscular sides. Beast laughed out loud as the rollers and brushes continued their merciless purpose, constantly begging for it to stop. The foot rollers suddenly retracted from his toes as Beast gave a sigh of relief, but then saw the rollers start spinning at a higher rate of speed as both approached his feet again. Beast pleaded harder and struggled, but the machine had no mercy, the left roller then brushed up his left for in a quick pace and just as it came down, the right one brushed up his right foot. The side rollers and the scrub brushes were no different, Beasts arms and sides shook and quivered furiously at the increased torture. Nearly an hour went by and Beast was in tears, profuse sweat and in hysterics as the machine gave Beast a workout that he wouldn't soon forget. 

Adventures of Eternal: Castle of Laughter page 76 by dlpeattie
Adventures of Eternal: Castle of Laughter page 76

I can't believe how long it's been since we've first started on this, this is definitely my longest piece of tickle work to date and I'm not sure if it will be surpassed. I would greatly thank Eternal and Zharr For there wonderful participation. Eternal gave great advice and had excellent patience and stuck through with it all and I thank him so much for his help with co-directing several parts, especially the action scenes. Zharr too also had excellent suggestions and you can thank him for inspiring use to extend the comic for all of you to enjoy. 

I hope that you all have enjoyed this little venture into Solletico and Zharrs(this version of him) world of fantasy, dungeons, devices and gratuitous exploitative tickle torture. I hope you all enjoy my future tickle pictures and if possible, any more awesome epic length comics in the future. 

This comic was drawn by eternal.knot:… and the editing, dialogue and direction is co-directed by me and Eternal.Knot. 

PS: I would like to thank Zharr for his extensive amount of suggestions and help for this extended epilogue. And to Eternal who will be helping out with the direction for the action scenes. ;-)

Solletico is owned by Me.

Zharr is owned by :zharr18

Eternal is owned by :eternal.knot

Original artwork by eternal.knot:…
NOTE: This journal is just to inform everyone with the status of my upcoming commissions that I work with different artist on Deviantart and Furaffinity. I am sorry, but I do not take commissions or request for other people. Thank you very much.





TICKLE VICTIM: Drago Wolf from Sonic the Hedgehog (Picture:… )

INFO: A remake of an old 2 part tickle request by Supergenji on FA. (Original Request Pictures:…… ) In this commission, Drago Wolf has been captured by his former lover Lupe, who is also apart of a Freedom Fighting group that fights Dr. Ivo Robotnik. And as for the punishment of his betrayal, she has decided to personally punish him by exploiting a certain weakness of his that she discovered one time while they were in bed together.

ARTIST: GuiltyOrion:



TICKLE VICTIM: Sherlock Hound from the anime series Sherlock Hound. (Picture:… )

INFO: While on the search for the stolen golden Phoenix Feather, Sherlock Hound was just about to discover the secret hideout of the villainous Prof. Moriarty, before his two goons got the drop on him. Now restrained in a chair with his feet in stocks, Prof. Moriarty now has his old nemesis right where he want him. For his final fate, Moriarty decides to use his latest torture device on Hound, a device that would never stop and one that would drive him into insanity.

ARTIST: Inuzaka



TICKLE VICTIM: Random tiger jock and random panda doctor.

INFO: In this remake of an old request done by 0lucario0: Original Picture:… We have a tiger jock who is suffering from severe Athlete's Foot, and is sent to the new Collage doctor. Though little does the tiger jock know, that this doctor has a very strange and unorthodox way to treat Collage jock feet with his machines.

ARTIST: Cyberklaw on FA

CURRENT STATUS: Sketching/ Hiatus


CHARACTERS: Leo from Warzard:… Guin from Guin Saga:… My OC character Don "The Tickler" Solletico:…

INFO: Upon being arrested for hunting in the nearby forest with out a permit, the two beastmen warriors, Guin and Leo, have been captured by Don Solletico's men and now face the ticklish tortures in the bowels of his dungeon. What sort of punishment are the two heroes in for, you must wait and find out. ;-)

ARTIST: Helmeetelgato on FA



TICKLE VICTIM: Leomon from Digimon

INFO: Based off the second season of Digimon during the reign of The evil Digimon Emperor (a young teen abusing his power) We have Leomon (who doesn't appear in the second season) captured by the emperor for leading a band of rebels against him. Taken to the dungeon, Leomon refuses to tell where the other rebel factions are. But let's see how long he can resist confessing when he's strapped to the Tickle Rack. Heh heh

ARTIST: Geminisaint's on FA



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