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Happy Birthday dlpeattie!
Happy Birthday dlpeattie
By: Jake T. Wolfe
The 18th day of the 5th month was going to be a day that would be remember for a long time. Or at least that was the hope of Dr. Wolfenstein, Viktor, Viktoria, Jerome, Trev, Tyler, and me. That day was the day that we would give a good friend of mine a grand birthday surprise.
"Are you sure that this is going to work, Jake?" Trev, a white tiger friend of mine, asked two weeks before the 18th of May.
"Of course I am," I replied, "I have been studying the movements of all of the intended victims. This will work and it will be fun."
"The dungeon is prepared, Jake," Viktor, my dark black dragon friend, stated, "Viktoria and I will help out."
"That would be great, Viktor," I responded, "And that is part of the plan with the dragon bard."
"Sounds like fun," Viktoria, a grey and silver dragoness friend of mine and the mate to Viktor, said, "Tough-guy dragons are so cute when they are broken by a simple tickling."
Trev, Dr. Wolfenstein, Jerome, Tyler,
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A Trator's Punishment
Based on one of my first requests, we have a 're-adaptation of my two part Drago Wolf tickle comic by Supergenji:……

After being discovered as a traitor to his fellow rebels after working with Dr. Robotnik, Drago finds himself at the mercy of his former ally and lover Lupe, and she's not too happy. Heh

This remake was done by RalftheRalfman: And the only difference is that the goats are replaced with dogs and a reworked story from the old one.

Drago Wolf and Lupe by Archie comics.

Drago Wolf felt like he was hit by a ton of bricks. All he remembered was traveling through the forest at night and the next then he could remember, something dropped in on him and knocked him out. As he tried to move he the realized that he couldn't move his hands or feet. His vision cleared and saw that he was sitting a chair connected to stocks.

He then heard a familiar voice behind him,"Hello....Honey," and Lupe, his former lover, came out of the shadows. "Oh ah hey there sweety..........what are ya doing?" Drago asked nervously. "Don't play dumb! I know that you betrayed our cause! We found evidence of you consorting with Robotnik! Lupe yelled angrily. "No no no! You got it all wrong. Now let me explain...." But Lupe wasn't going to hear it. She then took out a pair of brushes and began to brush Dragos stocked feet. "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Nohohohohohohoho! Stahahahahap! Not my feeeehehehet! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Lupe Stop! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Lupe then stopped tickling Drago after venting out some of her fustration, she began to calm down. "Your about to see what happens to traitors in our cause." Lupe then gave out a whistle as two large guard dogs walked out from behind the chair. "Wait, Lupe what are you doing!?" Drago asked as the dogs eyes his stocked feet. "Serving justice." Said Lupe, as she snapped her fingers. Immediately the dogs walked over and began to lick his feet. "Wahahahahahahaha! Nohohohohoho! Stop! Stop! Hahahahahahaha!" Lupe watched as the dogs tortured her former lover. "You betrayed us, now you will pay!"

Ahhhhhhhhh! "No! NO! Hahahahaha! Please, No More! Have Merchehehehehehehey, ha ha ha ha ha, Ahhhhhhh! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!" Dragons pathetic pleas turned into more mindless laughter as the dogs continued their torture, Lupe watched as his former lover was reduced, to a laughing blithering idiot.
Punishment in Goblin Town
For this picture by my friend eternal.knot:… we have some more obscure characters from the graphic novel series Courtney Crime in. Here the goblin character Butterworm has gotten in trouble in Goblin Town and is put in the dungeon. Fortunately his brother Butterbug is here to rescue him, but at a price.

Butterworth and butterbug are from Courtney Crumrin / Oni Press

Artwork by eternal.knot:…

    Thrown into the bowels of the Goblin Town jailhouse, Butterworm contemplated his actions as he squirmed in the stocks. "Grrrr, that dirty little snitch of a boggart! Wait till I get out of here!" Grumbled the frustrated goblin. But then he heard a familiar low growl from the ceiling, it was his younger goblin brother Butterworm sitting on one of the beams above.

Note: Due to his large tongue, Butterbug can only growl and grunt.

    "Oy! Butterbug! How long have you been there?" butterworm asked, which his brother only gave out a short growl. "Ah but never mind, glad to see us. So help me out here!" Butterbug jumped down from the beam, but instead of helping he Only gave his brother a disapproved look. "Grrrr, alright I shouldn't have trusted that boggart, nor should I have tried to steal that food without you." Confessed Butterworm, "Grah!" Butterbug included. "Uggggh, and I'll try and listen to some of your ideas as well. Now will you help me out!"

    Butterbug thought for a second before coming to a decision. "Grah, Graw......" Butterworm waited for his brother to finish. "Okay, you'll help out if what?" Butterbug finally let out his ultimatum with a low growl. "What! We are not going to Cortney Crumrin for hot Cocoa, I'd like to stay away from that little devil as much as I can!" Shouted Butterworm as he turned his head away. "Graw, Grah, Grah!" Butterworm looked back at his brother. "Oh yeah or you'll do what!"

    Butterbug looked down at his brother's feet and gave a snicker. He walked closer to the stocks and gave his brother's left foot a tickle. "Huh hey, what are you doing! Heh heh! Stop that! Heh heh Ha ha!" Butterbug smiled wider as he gave out a few "Rahs" and "Grahs". "What! Ohhh, you better not! I'll eat you up myself if you do that again!" Butterbug let out a confident "Rah" before dragging his dirty nails all over Butterworms dirty goblin feet.

     "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Haw haw haw haw haw! No Stop! Grab ha ha ha ha ha! Cut that out! Ha ha ha ha ha!" But his brother didn't stop as he was determined to get his way as he began digging at his brothers arches and toes. "Ha ha ha ha! I'm not going to do it, and you can't make me! Ha ha ha ha!" Butterbug thought for a second before letting out a few devious "Grahs" and sticking out his long tongue. "Wha- No Butterbug you wouldn't do that to your own brother?" Butterbug paused for a second before answering, "......Rah." Butterbug then began to lick his brothers right foot with his long raspy tongue. "Oh Bugger...." said the helpless goblin.

     "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHOHOHO! YOU DIRTY LITTLE DEMON!" HA HA HA HA HA HA! HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO! HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Butterbug relentlessly licked at his brothers right foot and then his left foot and then began licking his right foot as he tickled the left foot with his claws. HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW HAW! OKAY! OKAAAAAAAY! ILL DO IT JUST STOP!" HA HA HA HA HA!" Butterbug finally stopped torturing his brother, "Rah!" He said cheerfully with a smile as he took out a skeleton key and unlocked the stocks.

     "Okay let's go to Courtneys, but I'm not forgetting this anytime soon. I'll get you back you little dirt ball!" Said Butterworm as he wipped the saliva from his feet. "Grah Grah Rah Rah, Grah heh heh." said butterbug responding to the threat. "Grumble", alright let's go."

     Butterbug hopped happily to the jail door and used the skeleton key to make their escape. "Uggghh, I'll endure a bunch of "tongue baths" before letting Courtney know I'm ticklish."
Double Tickle Nightmare
A special collaboration with me, Sinx:… and Furward:… finds their characters in the clutches of my infamous Dungeon Master Don Solletico. What ever will be come of them. Heh heh

Rick is owned by…

Silver is owned by…

Solletico is owned by Me.

Art by Foster-tony:…

It was all black. Rick and Silver felt like they were covered in darkness, both the bear and tiger didn't know we're they are and they felt like they were tied to wooden chairs. Suddenly light emerged before them as the bags were removed from their heads. The two saw that they were in this mysterious medieval dungeon in their underwear, with a leather clad bear right in front of them.

"Well well, you two are easily the most unusual prisoners that I've captured by far." said the dungeon master bear.

"Who are you?! And what the hell is going on?!" Yelled Rick. "And who are you?" Silver included.

" Greetings, I am Don Solletico and you are currently prisoners in the Castle of Laughter. The reason why you both were brought in was your unusual clothing, and that you weren't registered citizens."

"Its strange I don't remember much, but please let us go, we haven't done anything wrong!" The young captured bear continued.

"No not yet, those clothes you are wearing are not of this kingdom or land, and I intend to get down to things" Said Don as he examines Rick's hat. "I only wish to get to the complete truth." 

"Please don't hurt us! We will tell you what you want to know." Said Silver.

"Oh I'm sure you will talk. But I'm not going to hurt you two, I'm going to tickle the both of you." replied Don with a smile.

" W-wait what! Your going to tickle us for information?! Heh are you serious?" Rick chuckled a bit.

"Of course it's not called the Castle of Laughter for nothing." Don called for two assistants to come into the cell. The two were holding wooden stocks, which they untied one of Rick' s and Silver's ankles and locked one of their feet in the stocks."

The two wriggled both of their feet locked in the stocks. "Well I am really ticklish but I don't think this is really necessary." Said Rick, "Ah yeah he's right, totally no need for that." concluded Silver.

Don Solletico smiled simply. "Sorry, it's my job, plus I'm not a guy who would let go two tickle worthy prisoners." Don pulled up a chair and got close to the stocks. "Just simply tell me your names, where your from, and what your doing here." Don then began to scratch the two stocked feet with his fingers.

" Heh heh heh, wait! Ha ha! Okay my name is Rick! Heh heh (snicker) I'm from heh heh, ah.....Earth I guess, he he he but I don't know how we got here. Heh heh he he." chuckled Rick as he tried to talk through the laughter as Silver spoke next. "Ha ha, he he. I'm Silver, heh heh heh and ditto on the ha ha second and third questions. He he he" 

"Hmmm so no clue on your purpose here, unfortunately not good enough." Don stopped tickling them. "But there is a bit of good news, I will let you go after the fixed interrogation time limit is over or you full state you business here in the kingdom."

"So how long is the time limit?" Asked Rick. "About 3 hours." answered Don. 

"What!" The two both exclaimed.

"Yes, that's our policy." Don snapped his fingers, signaling the two dungeon assistants to blindfold and gag the two prisoners, making the two of them grunt, moan and yell behind the ball gags. "Now now, you will be released as promised at the appropriate time, until then enjoy." Heh heh

Don then summoned some ghostly feathers that began targeting all over their bound up bodies as the two began laughing behind their gags, struggling as much as they can. Both Rick and Silver were in darkness and surrounded by tickle torture. They couldn't believe their predicament, it was pure insanity!

Eventually after 30 minutes of merciless full body tickling, both the bear and the tiger were covered in sweat, they didn't know how longer they could take. Both moaned and begged behind their gags for both the releases but they felt so far away. They constantly pleaded through their gags, begging to show mercy, moaning to be let go. It wasn't long before they began to black out from the constant tickling.

Suddenly both Rick and Silver awoken in their dorm beds, it was a dream all along! 

"Gah! Whoa! That- what was that!?" yelled Rick as he sat in his bed, sweating like crazy. He looked to his roommate Silver, who was in the same condition.

"Man! I had a really weird and crazy dream. I dreamed that you and I were captured by this crazy dungeon master bear! And he...." Rick explained but Silver interrupted him. "...tickle tortured us?"

The two looked at each other with shock. "Whoa!"

The end.
A Dr Gekicher Halloween
Happy Halloween everyone! Here we have Dr. Gekicher having some wicked tickle fun in a dungeon themed play room with his foxy friend Mikhael, and it seems that the doctor installed something too keep his Fox friend from getting too excited, and like a good thriller, everything with suspense must be built up. Heh heh

This collaboration was made by an artist who chooses to remain anonymous. The artist is a friend of Fuwwyfootpaws:… whom he worked with on the picture. 

Dr. Gekicher is owned by Me.

Mikhael is owned by fuwwyfootpaws:…
Leomon's Ticklish Charity Tryout
Hi everyone, I've got a new Leomon tickle picture and this time he's taking a break from all the crazy torturous, ticklish mis adventures and gets involved with a charity during a festival, that involves tickles of course. :-)

A while back, This picture was made by StalkerWerewolf:… who did a few foot/tickle themed pictures but unfortunately has disabled his account. Thankfully he did give me permission to post this picture on my gallery.

Leomon and Elecmon is owned by Bandai.

  It was a bright sunny day in the digital world as Leomon walked through the vast field. By this time the Digidestained had gone home and the digital world was safe. He then came across a sign promoting a local festival that was being made in honor of the Digidestained. Leomon smiled and decided to pay a visit.

It turned out that he can a bit early to the fair as everyone was getting ready. He then came across a digimon he knew.

Leomon: "Hello Elecmon."

Elecmon: "Well Leomon! Good to see you. It's been a while.

Leomon: "I see your getting involved with the celebration fair. How are the children doing?"

Elecmon: "Good, and speaking of them, I'm doing a charity for the nursery and I need a big guy to help with it. Care to help out?

Leomon: "Of course, I'd love to help out."

Elecmon: "Great! If you'll follow me."

  Elecmon then lead Leomon back behind the tent and showed the charity equipment, which consisted of a large pair of stocks and a feather wheel! The beast warrior gave a surprised look at the tickle equipment.

Leomon: "Elecmon, what exactly is this?"

Elecmon: "Well I did say I needed a big guy, mainly big feet for these stocks. Heh heh, So Leomon are you ticklish?"

Leomon: "I-I ah, well I supp-ah I'm not sure."

Leomon stuttered a sweat a little bit, remembering all those previous tickle torture sessions before.

(Note: From the other Leomon tickle pictures in my gallery.)

Elecmon: "He he, not the kind of charity you were expecting? Well why don't you have a seat and we will find out."

Leomon slowly sat down on the bench and placed his big feet in the stocks, which Elecmon restrained them in.

Elecmon: "Okay let's see how ticklish you are."

Election then scratched his claw up and down his right foot, immediately making it flinch. Elecmon then began to scratch faster and harder and Leomon let out a loud chortle.

Elecmon: "Heh, looks like you are ticklish. Now let's do both feet."

The small digimon then used both his hands to tickle both of Leomons big feet. Leomon was now giving out big heartily laughs as Electmon tickled up and down his large soles.

Elecmon: "Wow, your feet are really ticklish! I suppose I'd better take it easy on you, that is if your still up for the challenge?"

Leomon pondered for a bit as he rubbed his feet together.

Leomon: "I suppose it's still okay with me, I think I can take it."

Elecmon: "All right, I always knew you'd have the best stamina. Now let's try the feather wheel. It's what I'll use during the charity show."

Elecmon then sat the feather wheel in front of Leomons feet and began to slowly turn it. Leomon' s feet twitched and his toes wiggled. Leomon gave a slight smile as the feathers brushed his soles.

Elecmon:" I'm going to see how much you can take. Now try your best to hold your laughter in."

Elecmon then began to turn the wheel faster as Leomon's feet struggled more and tried his best to hold his laughter in. Elecmon began to turn it faster and faster, Leomon was now gritting his teeth and clenching the bench with his claws. Finally Leomon let out a burst of laughter and Elecmon stopped the wheel.

Elecmon:"Wow, nice job. You lasted for a good while for a really ticklish guy."

Elecmon released Leomon from the stocks as Leomon caught his breath.

Leomon:"Huff Huff, yes I'm a little surprised myself. But I believe I can do better with some concentration practice. I'm be sure to be back in time for the charity."

Leomon began to leave as Elecmon began preparing for the show.

Elecmon:" Good idea, cause it's going to be 2 hours for 200 digidollars."

Leomon stopped suddenly and gave a nervous look.

Leomon:" (sigh), I must make every second of my practice count."
NOTE: This journal is just to inform everyone with the status of my upcoming commissions that I work with different artist on Deviantart and Furaffinity. I am sorry, but I do not take commissions or request for other people. Thank you very much.





TICKLE VICTIM: Drago Wolf from Sonic the Hedgehog (Picture:… )

INFO: A remake of an old 2 part tickle request by Supergenji on FA. (Original Request Pictures:…… ) In this commission, Drago Wolf has been captured by his former lover Lupe, who is also apart of a Freedom Fighting group that fights Dr. Ivo Robotnik. And as for the punishment of his betrayal, she has decided to personally punish him by exploiting a certain weakness of his that she discovered one time while they were in bed together.

ARTIST: GuiltyOrion:



TICKLE VICTIM: Sherlock Hound from the anime series Sherlock Hound. (Picture:… )

INFO: While on the search for the stolen golden Phoenix Feather, Sherlock Hound was just about to discover the secret hideout of the villainous Prof. Moriarty, before his two goons got the drop on him. Now restrained in a chair with his feet in stocks, Prof. Moriarty now has his old nemesis right where he want him. For his final fate, Moriarty decides to use his latest torture device on Hound, a device that would never stop and one that would drive him into insanity.

ARTIST: Inuzaka



TICKLE VICTIM: Random tiger jock and random panda doctor.

INFO: In this remake of an old request done by 0lucario0: Original Picture:… We have a tiger jock who is suffering from severe Athlete's Foot, and is sent to the new Collage doctor. Though little does the tiger jock know, that this doctor has a very strange and unorthodox way to treat Collage jock feet with his machines.

ARTIST: Cyberklaw on FA

CURRENT STATUS: Sketching/ Hiatus


CHARACTERS: Leo from Warzard:… Guin from Guin Saga:… My OC character Don "The Tickler" Solletico:…

INFO: Upon being arrested for hunting in the nearby forest with out a permit, the two beastmen warriors, Guin and Leo, have been captured by Don Solletico's men and now face the ticklish tortures in the bowels of his dungeon. What sort of punishment are the two heroes in for, you must wait and find out. ;-)

ARTIST: Helmeetelgato on FA



TICKLE VICTIM: Leomon from Digimon

INFO: Based off the second season of Digimon during the reign of The evil Digimon Emperor (a young teen abusing his power) We have Leomon (who doesn't appear in the second season) captured by the emperor for leading a band of rebels against him. Taken to the dungeon, Leomon refuses to tell where the other rebel factions are. But let's see how long he can resist confessing when he's strapped to the Tickle Rack. Heh heh

ARTIST: Geminisaint's on FA



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