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                                        For the main attraction of this month, we have the second part of our Godzilla Ticklish Double Feature brought to us by the very talented and awesome :iconfoot-paws: Based off the classic monster mash 1969 film, Destroy All Monsters! We have a similar premise to the film except that Godzilla is the only monster not controlled by the aliens and is now the last hope for survival, but will the King of the Monsters save his planet and keep his title, or will he succumb to the aliens evil plans and the brainwashed monsters merciless tactics?! We shall see. So grab some popcorn and enjoy yourselves. ;-)

This commission was drawn by :iconfoot-paws: and has given me permission to post it on my gallery.

Godzilla, King Ghidorah, Manda Biollante and Gezora are owned by TOHO.

Note: Considering that aliens, we revealed in the previous Godzilla tickle commission:… This could be considered a unofficial sequel to it.  

                      In the mid afternoon a Japanese news chopper was flying through a wide valley in search of the only thing that could save the Earth, it was day two of the Alien/Kaiju/Human war of the year 20xx.
                   "This is Eiji from JCN! We have been traveling for an hour now in search of the one hope of survival for this world! The last report said that he was somewhere around in this valley, looking for more of the alien controlled Kaiju! shouted Eiji, as he tried to let his voice be heard from the loud helicopter. "Oh! Ah!! Look! It's him! GOJIRA!!! As the chopper rounded the short mountain there stood Godzilla in all of his power and glory, sniffing the air for any threats. " Quick get the camera on him! We've found him everybody! But nothing seems to have happened yet. Still with all the monsters that have appeared over the past years, we must all stay alert, even Gojira! The infamous Kaiju continued to slowly paroling the wide valley, eventually stopping near a giant lake, he felt like something was near. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Gojira has stopped at the nearby lake. He must sense somethin- *Gasp!* Oh No! Gojira, look out behind you!"
                   Suddenly, several giant green plant vines shot out of the ground and wrapped around Godzilla's neck, and tail and pulled him back, making him fall backward. "I know those wicked vines anywhere folks, it's Biollante!" Gojira is down on the ground but far from out. But wait, something is moving in the water." Godzilla roared with anger but suddenly a long large sea serpent came out of the water and began wrapping itself around Godzilla's large ankles. "Its the dreaded Manda! He seems to be wrapping around Gojira's giant feet! He's making a Figure 8 around his ankles and coiling his feet up tightly! Godzilla roared and struggled against the plant vines that were now also wrapping around his wrists and now he could only wriggle his massive toes while his feet were in the tight clutched of Manda. Now getting very frustrated, godzilla's spines began to glow, indicating that he was about to charge up and fire his atomic breath.
                  "Although both Biollante and Manda have Gojira on the ropes, the King of the Monsters is about to fire his signature atomic breath! He's just about to fire it and.........What! What's this! His breath didn't come out! It almost looked like his Atomic Breath jammed! I'm not sure what happened! But now, Gojira is acting strange.........he's roaring but it's not his traditional roar!" Godzilla's atomic breath wasn't coming out for some reason. The confused reporter looked all around the scenario until he looked back down near Manda. "Huh, What's this! Manda is doing something. He appears to be........scratching at Gojira's feet?!" Manda was indeed using his short limbs to scratch and claw at Godzilla's massive scalie soles, the reporter analyzed the action longer as Manda began flicking it's long wet tongue between Godzilla's thick toes. "So Strange! First the scratching and now Manda is using it's forked tongue to lick in between Gojira's giant toes. And Gojira's strange roars seems to be getting louder and more frequent. But what wait! It can't be!" said the reporter as he observed the scene more closely, the way Godzilla roared, Manda scratching it's claws up and down his feet and how the feet and toes react to the tongue. "Ladies and Gentlemen I don't believe it!! I can't believe this is happening to the King of the Monsters!! This might be hard to understand and believe but......Manda is..............t-tickling Gojira's feet!!!"
                  "This is truly something that very few people will ever experience live, but Gojira is having his feet tickled right before my eyes!!" The dumbfounded reported tried to explain as he watched the whole scene with his two eyes. "This is truly a strange discovery from the famous Kaiju, but with such a strange scenario aside, Gojira must break out of the monster's grasps if he is to defeat the monsters and aliens!" There is very little time left and *gasp* What's this now?! Another kaiju has appeared! It's Gezora!!" shouted Eiji as the cuttlefish monster made it's appearance and began creeping toward Godzilla's left side. "The giant cuttlefish seems to want to get a piece of the action! But what will he do!?" The reporter watched at the tentacled monster wrapped it's tentacles around Godzilla's left arm and began poking his left side. "Ah, it's just as I predicted everybody! Gezora is joining in for the tickle attack! He's holding down Gojira's left side as he is using his tentacles to tickle Gojira's sides and also his armpit!! Even his armpits are ticklish!! Godzilla struggled with all his might and tried again and again to preform his atomic breath but to no avail. The tickling seems to be too much for the giant monster. "Ah Oh! Along with Gezora, it looks like the mawed vines of Biollante want to join in!" 5 of Biollante's mouthed vines emerged from both the earth and from the dephs of the lake. "Oh No! It looks like the mawed vines are using their rough tongues to tickle Gojira's right side and right armpit! But it's not over! The other mawed vines are now licking Gojira's left foot!! This tickle torture attack is getting intense and Gojira is looking really distressed! If he cant get out of this evil tickle trap soon, I fear that all might be lost." Godzilla was in trouble, not only that he was in risk of getting captured by the aliens, but they apparently had discovered his greatest weakness, his giant ticklish radioactive feet. "This does not look good for him, lets just hope that this doesn't get any worse!" said the reporter, but just a moment after he said that, a loud rumbling was heard coming from the lake, and another monster emerged from it.
                                                      "OH..............NO! IT'S KING GHIDORAH!!!
                   The final monster appeared, Godzilla's greatest nemesis, the golden dragon King Ghidorah as he thunderously emerged from the lake and began eying Godzilla's feet. "I'm afraid it truly has gotten worse everyone! The mighty golden dragon has appeared and......Oh this is not good! He's going for Gojira's open right foot!!" The three headed monster came in close to Godzilla's foot and began sniffing and smelling it, making it twitch as the scales brushed along the sensitive sole, eventually then began licking. "And just as they began licking his foot, Gojira is now in hysterics!! It seems to be too much for the King of the Monsters! And...And I don't believe it! Tears! They have brought Gojira to tears!!" Finally after 30 minutes of continuous tickling, the 4 monsters have giving Godzilla tears of laughter. The helpless kaiju was struggling all he could but the monster's grip seemed to be too tight.
                 " It is absolutely bizarre, sudden, and amazing! This 4 way tickle attack has turned Gojira in to a helpless victim of tickling! The tentacles and the coils hold tight, there just seems too be no way out for Gojira! I can see his poor giant feet struggling in the tight scalie bonds of Manda's coils, there is nowhere for his exposed feet to hide, it's like a merciless torture device and he can't do anything about it! He is so overwhelmed!! IT LOOKS LIKE HE IS CAUGHT IN A TICKLISH SEA OF COILS AND TENTACLES!!! CAN OUR LAST HOPE ENDURE IT ALL?! OR WILL HE SUCCUMB TO THE TICKLE TORTURE!!??"
                  But suddenly, like a miracle, something amazing happened. Wait! Wait everybody! Gojira's spines are lighting back up again, but they are...glowing red! Can it be! Gojira could possibly be using his special desperation attack?...................YESSSSSSS! IT WORKED! HE HAS FIRED HIS SUPER ATOMIC BREATH!!" In a last desperate attack, Godzilla has managed to charge up his high powered red atomic breath and fires it at King Ghidorah. "Direct hit! Gojira has hit Ghidorah with his super atomic breath and has sent the golden dragon flying back. Now with his newfound power, Godzilla then turned his breath on Gezora and the Biollante vines that were restraining him. As they retracted their vines and tentacles, Godzilla turned his focus on Manda, who now apparently had a rather startled look on his face. Godzilla grabbed Manda by the neck and slowly unwrapped him from his ankles, and then threw him across the valley. "HE'S FREEEEEEEEE!!! GOJIRA HAS DONE IT! HE HAS SURVIVED THE DEADLY TICKLE ATTACK AND HE IS NOW READY TO TAKE ON ALL MONSTERS AT ONCE! THIS IS GOING TO BE A EPIC BATTLE OF THE CENTU------------------------

                Suddenly just as the fight was about to begin, the tv camera cut out.  

Original artwork by :iconfoot-paws:          
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DecepticonSeeker Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Heh, even the king of all monsters has a weakness :iconsmirkplz:
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014
Heh you bet.
alexiaNBC Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Definitely better than Godzilla 2014
Lylithix Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
Having seen the Godzilla film and the new design for him it's good to look back at these commissions and appreciate the two different designs on Godzilla and in particular their feet. With the new design it seems that they based his feet more on a sauropod dinosaur which probably makes more sense for bearing his weight but it would be harder to see a good tickling image with that particular version of him.

Fortunately here Foot-paws has done an excellent job with the classic design and given Godzilla's great size there's plenty of him to go around even for four Kaiju and it looks as though they've found all of his ticklish spots, with the focus rightly being on his feet but it's nice to see that even his tail is ticklish. Obviously the aliens put to good use what they'd learnt in the previous situation though of course he'd have to manage an escape in the end since you can't keep Godzilla down for long. It was some good teamwork between the monsters and a highly entertaining narrative with the reporter. I think it's perhaps just as well the camera cut out as I'm not sure he'd have coped with the excitement of the epic battle. I imagine Biollante and Gezora won't last for long and then he might be hunting down Manda and Ghidorah once they've no doubt recovered from getting thrown back. Of course Ghidorah would make for a good tickle subject himself, particularly if his three heads each had their own individual reaction.
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014
Indeed the new foot design of the new movie doesn't live up to the old versions, but I guess that's what we'll have to deal with now. I'm happy that you enjoyed the story and the picture, it was  lot of fun.
J-Wolfe15 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014
Epic scene. ^W^
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
I would have nothing less. :-)
J-Wolfe15 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Darn skippy. ^W~
deathdog123 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
+favlove IT!!!
dlpeattie Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
Thank you. Footpaws worked very hard on it. ;-)
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